Real Estate

So, what are the benefits of selling you house, or real estate at auction?

Selling real property at auction is certainly not a new concept in the United States. Property auctions have been around since the days when we were British colonies.

The auction method of marketing is gaining in popularity among private property owners as an effective method to liquidate their real assets in a pre-determined amount of time.


 Auctions create urgency!

Deadlines are great motivators for potential buyers to step up to the plate and place a bid

In the auction method of marketing, potential buyers place bids and drive the price up. Auctions don’t negotiate a price downward!

rather than waiting and watching traditional real estate listings that could remain available for months.


  Auctions vs. Traditional Real Estate Listings

In traditional real estate marketing, a seller sets an “asking price”. A potential buyer will then offer less than the asking price. The seller may accept, reject or negotiate. The only time this method becomes beneficial in driving the price higher is when two are more buyers get into a “bidding war” which is essentially an auction!

In the auction method of marketing, potential buyers place bids and drive the price up. Auctions don’t negotiate a price downward!


How We Will Help You Sell Your House, Land or Commercial Property

We will-

  • Assess the of the value of your property in today’s market
  • Market your property on hundreds of Internet sites and portals
  • Market your property through our network of Keller Williams agents and offices worldwide


What Are The Real Benefits of Auction Marketing?

We will-

  • Charge the buyer a 10% buyers premium rather than a seller commission
  • Negotiate favorable terms of sale for you, the seller
  • Require the winning bidder to close within 30 days
  • Sell your property “as is” with no contingencies
  • Offer you the “right of refusal” on any offers
  • Secure a substantial deposit from the buyer


Here’s an added bonus in offering your property for sale at auction-


There is a great possibility it will sell before the auction closes. When we use aggressive marketing to showcase your property, it will be seen by possibly thousands of potential buyers through the internet, direct mail advertising and the multiple listing service. Your property will stand out as an auction property because most of the real estate offered for sale is a “traditional” listing. Yours will be unique and different.


We make it possible that a buyer can make an offer to purchase your property prior to the closing date of the auction. You have the power to accept, reject or negotiate ANY offers on your auction listing.


Our objective is to get your property SOLD, and that’s what we do.