Rick EberhartRick Eberhart, AMM



Rick Eberhart is a licensed auctioneer in the state of Florida based in Jacksonville, and is on on the board of directors of the Florida Auctioneers Association. He holds the Auction Marketing Management (AMM) designation awarded by the National Auctioneers association and is an active member of the NAA.

As a licensed and experienced auctioneer (Florida license AU4528), Rick provides expertise and insight into the liquidation of real propRick Eberhart Auctioneer Jacksonville Florida Croppederty as well as automobiles, equipment and other assets. He is an award winning “bid-caller” and live fundraising and property auctioneer.

Rick provides real estate auction and accelerated marketing services for corporations, financial institutions, trustees, individuals, and estates. .

Rick has conducted many types of auctions-

• Live onsite
• Ballroom
• Sealed bid
• Online-only
• Simultaneous live & online



• Financial institutions
• Bankruptcy trustees and estates
• Corporations and developers
• Trusts, guardians and estates
• Private individuals
• Investment groups

•Nonprofits and 501(c)(3) organizations



Rick Eberhart Auctioneer

Rick is also a former morning radio personality and comedian. With an entertainment background, he brings unique skills to your onsite auction or fundraiser. He will keep your audience entertained, engaged excited and bidding.

If you need a licensed pro to handle bid calling at your sale, a relief auctioneer or a last minute fill-in, please give Rick a call.


Email: rick@rickeberhart.com